Make Your Dream Home a Reality
Perla International, your premier outdoor luxury brand, transforms backyards with exquisite pergolas and outdoor products.
Discover the Ultimate Luxury.​
Perla International is a luxury outdoor accessories company that specializes in custom-designed pergolas. We provide our clients with exceptional customer service and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.
The Space You Never Had.
With its durable aluminum structure and elegant design, the high-end retractable awning provides a long-lasting and attractive solution for utilizing your patio, terrace, and backyard throughout the year.
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Optimal enjoyment for all your outdoor spaces.

Perla Roof specializes in delivering tailored solutions to elevate the outdoor ambiance of luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals, ensuring an unforgettable blend of aesthetics and functionality for guests.

Our diverse range of solutions is designed to meet the unique requirements of homeowners, hotels, rooftops, and restaurants, creating inviting outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression.

We offer a multitude of personalized solutions that cater to the distinct needs of private residences, home-based hotels, residential rooftops, and dining areas at home, bringing comfort and style to every corner.

For country clubs, golf courses, and recreational centers, we provide a wide range of bespoke solutions that ensure their outdoor spaces are both luxurious and practical, enhancing the overall experience.

Your Interior, Expanded Outdoors. Perla Roof Enhances Open-Air Living.

At Perla Roof, we understand that your outdoor space is more than just an extension of your home; it reflects your personal style and becomes a sanctuary for enjoying nature's beauty. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate indoor luxury with outdoor vibrancy, extending the comfort and elegance of your interior to the great outdoors.

Our Product Lineup

Perla International offers a carefully curated selection of premium outdoor products, including exquisite aluminum and vinyl pergolas, sunrooms, cladding, and carports, all designed to blend comfort with opulence for an unparalleled outdoor living experience.

Louvered Pergola

Retractable Louvered Pergola

Our retractable louvered pergolas are innovative structures that provide adjustable outdoor shade and shelter, offering a perfect balance between open-air freedom and protective comfort.

Louvered Pergola

Adjustable Louvered Pergola

Our adjustable louvered pergolas feature dynamic outdoor designs with movable slats, allowing you to customize sunlight and ventilation control while seamlessly combining functionality with aesthetics.

Vinyl Pergola

Pitched Canopy

The pitched canopy is a sleek, angled outdoor covering that offers ample shade and rain protection, enhancing your outdoor space with both practicality and style.

Vinly Pergola

Flat Top Canopy

Our flat top canopy is a sophisticated, standalone outdoor shelter with a distinctive floating roof design, providing stylish shade and a unique aesthetic to your open-air spaces.



Our sunroom is a luminous, enclosed space that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home, regardless of the weather, through expansive windows and often climate-controlled interiors.


Glass Sides

Pergolas with glass sides are luxurious outdoor structures that combine the beauty of traditional pergolas with clear, protective glass walls, offering an uninterrupted view of your surroundings while shielding you from the elements.